Through out many years of business telecommunications network and IDC services, Chunghwa Telecom lays a solid foundation and continues to invest heavily in the advanced cloud services and technology in recent years. Since 2010, launched a series of commercial cloud services “hiCloud”, which offers high flexible and expansion of services as” Pay as you go” and “Pay as you grow” to satisfy cloud generations to meet the needs of enterprise servers and storage.


hicloud CaaS

Pay as You Go, Pay as You Grow

In order to provide better quality, rapid e-commerce, internet service and mobile phone App, more and more companies require high-speed, stable server and professional IT management. hiCloud CaaS provides virtualized servers with online selection and rental, which installs e-commerce sites, Internet services and phone App underlying program just like a physical server, but more flexible and convenient.


hicloud VPC

Dynamic resource pool for flexibility and reliability

In recent years, a substantial increase in demand for enterprises in building private clouds. However, because of the associated build cost, time-consuming procurement, management difficulties, unclear benefits and other factors, often makes business prohibitive. Due to Chunghwa Telecom experiences with hicloud CaaS, Chunghwa Telecom released hicloud VPC virtual private cloud services and provide individual enterprise private cloud environment in IDC level data center. It introduces enterprise a new platform for Information architecture transformation plan.



hicloud Boxe

Easy Sync, Easy Share, Work Everywhere

hicloud Boxe based SME, SOHO family as the main target customers, it provides easy internal information sharing, fast with reliable secure cloud storage service. hicloud Boxe allows file sharing to become super simple, allow file sharing has become super simple, Whether you are professional MIS personnel, accounting, general administration or employee, can easily share work information.


hicloud S3

Huge and Versatile Cloud Storage Space

hicloud S3 (Simple Storage Service) provide enterprises Massive data storage services. There is neither minimum nor maximum limitation threshold for the use of rental service that fully adopted " Pay as You Go " Flexible billing. Users can manage and access hicloud S3 through Restful API, Web management platform and a wealth of third-party tools.




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