Network Service



Regarding the connectivity in our data centers, we provide a comprehensive solution to meet customers’ various needs. The services include: In-building Connectivity, Inter Connectivity (cross-building) and Metro Connectivity (cross-campus). As for the interface, we offer two options: optical fiber and electrical. As for the connecting form, there are horizontal (same floor connectivity), vertical (across-floor connectivity) and connectivity between MMR and MDA. Our customers can make connection with all cabinets and systems in the data centers with flexibility based on their network architect design.

In-building Connectivity

● In-building horizontal (same floor) connectivity; fiber interface

● In-building vertical (across floors) connectivity; fiber interface

● In-building horizontal (same floor) connectivity; UTP interface

● In-building vertical (across floors) connectivity; UTP interface

● In-building connectivity between MMR and MDA

Between-campus connectivity

● Connectivity between campuses in different locations



● In-campus, across DC buildings connectivity; fiber interface

In-campus connectivity


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