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Internet Access

With 80 percent market share in domestic broadband network, Chunghwa HiNet deploys several data centers for network access around Taiwan. The total network bandwidth has more than 1Tbps and IDC has the benefits of low latency and high bandwidth by building the network nodes on HiNet backbone. Therefore, IDC provides our customers the smoothest, the fastest and the most reliable bandwidth resources with enterprise private network (HiLink), domestic lease line and global submarine private cable.



● IDC Internet (HiNet –high-speed/high-quality lease line)

Securities Network

● 4-in-1 Securities Network

Global Lease Line

● Chunghwa global data lease line(submarine cable)


● domestic VPN

● global VPN

● Chunghwa Domestic data lease line(point-to-point lease line)


Domestic Lease Line


HiNet 24-hour toll-free service number:

Personal: 0800-080-412   Business: 0800-080-365

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Internet Access