Data Center ServiceEquipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing

Offering various leasing plans of network/ IT equipment, we help customers reduce the complicated work of purchase, maintenance and repairment.

● Entry-level Firewall

● Mid-Range Firewall

● High-End Firewall

● Carrier-Grade Firewall

Load Balancer Leasing

● Entry-level Load Balancer

● Mid-Range Load Balancer

● High-End Balancer

Firewall Leasing

Switch Leasing

Server Leasing



● 24 ports Layer2 Switch

● 48 ports Layer2 Switch

● 24 ports Layer3 Switch

● 48 ports Layer3 Switch

● Low-end 1U Server

● High-end 1U Server

● Low-end 2U Server

● High-end 2U Server


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