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The Key to IT Construction Success

Chunghwa Telecom IDC

The Key Success Factor is to use integrated, professional service to ensure efficient IT management so that the enterprise can focus on core business

Operational Availability

Operational availability reaches 99.999% (based on historical record)

From Taiwan Power Substation, dual-loop circuits power supply, and N+1 to 2N redundancy design for all electrical and mechanical equipment.

24x7 access control service with professional security guards, access card and biometric authentication

In the data center, there is surveillance system without any blind spot.

TIA-942 Rated 3 & Rated 4 International Certification

ISO 27001/27011、ISO 14001、ISO 50001、OHSAS 18001

High Speed Internet

The most sufficient internet bandwidth

The domestic bandwidth close to 5,000 Gpbs, the international bandwidth reaches 1,000 Gpbs. The bandwidth continues to grow to meet the internet demand with flexibility.

High Speed and low latency Internet

The network of our data centers is on HiNet Backbone, reducing the latency caused by multi-hopping and multi-layer transfer.

Cost Effectiveness

√ Save construction cost and reduce investment risk

Outsourcing data center can save the investment on the land, building and electrical/mechanical equipment, etc. The specialized service further helps reduce the electrical expense and DR cost.

√ Flexible service

Flexible on space expansion and network bandwidth(if burst) in response to the business growth

√ Specialized maintenance and cost reduction on manpower-

24x7 dedicated and specialized service. The enterprises can decrease the manpower on IT maintenance and shifting work.

Professional Service

The most experienced and professional team in local market

The most experienced and professional team in local market - Many years of professional experiences on telecommunication and IT maintenance in data center.

√ Earn customers’ trust

We take the 1st place in market share and our customers are from all kinds of the industries.

TIA-942 Rated 3 & Rated 4 International Certification

We satisfy the various IT demands, including internet security, cloud, consultancy and the customized service.

Green Energy

√ PUE<=1.5

Use the design of hot/cold aisle separation and free cooling and monitor the environment quality by iGEM(Intelligent Green Energy Management).

√ International certifications

LEED Gold,  ISO 50001 , ISO 14001 , Green Building and Intelligent Building Certifications.

The most experienced and professional team in the local market.