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We Respect the Environment & Care about Sustainability

Due to the global warming, the goal of the world energy policy is enforced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy intensity and to improve the energy usage efficiency. Chunghwa Telecom is committed to the environmental sustainability through continuous exploration and improvement of the existing facilities. We strive to reduce energy consumption and mitigate the environmental impact during the time of the new data center construction. Our main goal is to achieve the energy efficiency of PUE 1.5 or less. (PUE=Power Usage Efficiency).


Green Data Center

Our data center uses the design of hot/cold aisle separation and free cooling as well as the high sensible heat air-conditioning system to control the indoor temperature and humidity, which helps us meets the standard of U.S. ASHRAE 90.1 air-conditioning energy saving design. Besides, by applying CHT self-developed iEN platform (intelligence energy management on electricity, air conditioning and environmental monitoring..etc.),the operation is under control at all times.

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